Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HW Cricket App Launched by HoldingWilley Challenging the Conventional

HoldingWilley has launched a cricket app, HW Cricket App, that is said to change the way people surf cricket scores in their phones, in a course of time. Aditya Pathak, Strategy Lead, HoldingWilley announced, while launching the app, it is based on four pillars – Fast, Innovative, Lite, and Shareable. The beauty of HW Cricket App, as he further added, lies in its unconventional design and concept. Although there are a number of cricket apps already there in the play store, this app is bound to make a difference.

The creators of HW Cricket App said they believe in challenging the conventional in everything they do and believe in thinking differently. That is the crux of matter behind creating the newly launched app. The company believes in challenging the conventional by making something in its pure and original form, something that is innovative and built with features what users would seek. They claim to create a great cricket app and have challenged everyone to try it and experience it.

Cricket fans always give high preference to live scores as compared to anything else while surfing a cricket app. The whole concept lies in getting the scores easily and as fast as possible. Users are also quite perceptive to data usage as and when surfing apps are in use on their mobile phone. Data usage is definitely a major concern at all times while surfing apps, is what the app creators felt about mobile and data users.

This issue has been resolved as HW Cricket is an 'only scores cricket app'. The app has been kept as a clean, easy to access and innovatively simple in its design, concept and usage. That is why there are not so many sections, so many tabs or buttons, so many links, not too useful commentary and on top of it a cumbersome and distasteful design.

Fast, Lite, Simple, Innovative and easily Shareable HW Cricket Version 1.0.1 has been ideated by Aditya Phatak while the coding has been done by Javed Khatri. The top features of HW Cricket App include:
HW Cricket App Launched by HoldingWilley Challenging the Conventional

• Live cricket score updates and fast ball by ball scores.
• Current Matches page - To help you follow all live matches in one place.
• Upcoming matches - what's coming up next?
• Results of recent matches.
• Sharing of cricket scores - Give score updates to your friends easily via Whatsapp, Twitter , Facebook, Google hangout, Hike, telegram, SMS, Gmail/email etc.
• Live cricket analytical tools using historical and live data – Chance of Winning
• These tools provide win probability, match outcome, team performance measures and batting difficulty.
• Tool graphics easy to understand and share.
• In-depth analysis and app explanations at website HoldingWilley.com

HoldingWilley.com is named after Brian Johnston's popular quote used during an England versus West Indies Test Match at The Oval in 1976 that said - “The bowler's is Holding, the batsman's Willey”. The site offers unique game analysis tools such as Form Factor, COW, Dominance etc.

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