Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Aware About ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Committee And Galle Incident?

How many among us are aware about International Cricket Council’s (ICC) controlled ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Committee? Well, this committee has set some minimum standards for any pitch across the globe that claims to conduct an international match. All cricket playing countries have to adhere to these standards for all their international pitches. This committee was formed in 2006. As the name suggests the standards not only point towards the pitch only but outfield also.
The test match that was played between visiting Australian team and hosts Sri Lanka in Galle from August 31, 2011 to September 4, 2011; came under the scrutiny of this committee as the pitch did not behave normal during the match. The pitch has been declared by this committee having poor quality that needs to take appropriate measures to make it as per standards set by the committee. The next step of the process is that an senior pitch expert of the committee’s panel team (Andy Atkinson, in this case), will visit the pitch under question within a stipulated period after declaring it unfit, and will inspect the pitch thoroughly.
An inspection report with shortfalls and corrective measures will be submitted after the completion of inspection process. The country (SL, here) in turn has to ensure that prior to scheduling any international match on that pitch (Galle, here), a report has to be submitted to ICC committee that confirms about all corrective actions completed satisfactorily.
The whole story began when a concern was raised by Chris Broad, a member of Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees about the poor quality of Galle in which Sri Lanka had lost the match by 125 runs. Broad’s concern was based on the unnatural turn and bounce experience during the match.

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