Sunday, October 09, 2011

Dean Jones Is Right But Highlighting A Problem Without Proposing A Solution Is Damn Simple

When you are in a bad shape, everyone becomes your well wisher in terms of telling you what you could have done to not to fail in all the areas where you have failed, or highlighting your failures with a subjective solution.

That is what is happening with Team Australia these days. First Darren Barry proposing an overall change in the team management, coaches and selectors, and now Dean Jones telling something which is known to all and probably a kid also can give that statement. Who doesn’t know that when a team is not doing well and failing repeatedly, it need a savior, a hero, a leader, a show caser, a demonstrator, a consistent result getter.

As per Dean Jones, Australian team needs some kind of hero or heroes to revive back the honors and play extremely well consistently in South Africa in both versions of game, ODI and test. The rhythm, momentum and vigor definitely need to be revived back and who is not trying for that. I don’t think team Australia is short of determination or will power, only it might be a question of a focused approach.

Who knows some old lions may roar back in South Africa or a new lion may demonstrate the sharpness of his paws. Let us wait and watch the game. And then India also will be touring Australia one they are back from South Africa.

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