Sunday, October 09, 2011

Australian Cricket In A Stale State

Australian Cricket is not in a very healthy state and getting stale unless a makeover takes place to give it a transformed image and functioning. This is what has been commented officially by Darren Berry who used to be Team Australia’s wicketkeeper beside having the same role with his home team of Victoria.

Berry feels it is already late to give it a call and change the faces in the management that is in control of cricket Australia. Not only management, but the selection committee and training staff also need a transformation in terms of replacement. Berry also wishes to get some big legendary names be associated with the new management, selection committee and the trainers.

There is a lack of commitment, accountability and responsibility at the current level of all departments including the players. After the disclosure of Argus report that was investing the last year’s failure in the Ashes, the points highlighted almost match with what he has said.

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